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deja vu

i went to the advance screening of "the life aquatic" last night, and let me tell you how much of a disappointment it was.

i first heard of mr anderson in 1994 when "bottle rocket" came out. it was a cute little film from a first time director/writer, but it was just a short 13 or 15 minute film. then, two years later in 1996, the short "bottle rockets" was now a major full length motion picture and boy was it just an impressive little gem. mr anderson really impressed me and i was eager to see what he would show as his softmore attempt.

"rushmore" came out two years later and was a critical and somewhat finacial success (with a cult following with the young kids). i did enjoy "rushmore" but still felt that "bottle rocket" was by far a stronger film.

another three years later in 2001 mr anderson came out with "the royal tenenbaums" which i was not thrilled or impressed with at all. it seemed like a slightly altered carbon copy of mr anderson's first commercial success "rushmore". the only thing that was different were the characters names and a few of the actors. this movie should have been called "rushmore pt 2". to be honest, i was disappointed.

last night i went to the advance screening of "the life aquatic" and guess what, its "rushmore pt 3". there was nothing sweet or special about "life aquatic". it is just a cut and paste re-rendering of "rushmore". sometimes when directors find a groove for themselves, a style that they are known for, that is all they ever do for the rest of their careers. and its so very sad really. mr anderson is turning into the thomas kinkade of film.

p.s.- the two best things of this movie are owen wilson not being the stock asshole owen wilson character that he is always in in every single film he does and seeing bill murray rock out and dance for 5 seconds while in a wet suit.
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